— "Snuggling?"

    ”It’s uh… like… between people it’s… it’s a hug You lay down with them and hold them in your arms.”


          “No reason…

                it just sounds interesting is all.” 



"Yeah?  And neither did we.  But you’re the good
one, Cas.  You’re the leader…  but you’re honestly
nothing but a disgusting, disgruntled pigeon set
on murdering all of our brothers and sisters if they
don’t agree with you.”

"You think I enjoy murdering my kind? You
couldn’t be more mistaken, Abaddon. I just ——
I do what must be done.” 

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Begin Again || Dean and Castiel


          College life for Dean was… a whirlwind of emotions. It was stress and nerves and sleepless nights hunched over books with a stomach filled with ramen noodles and his little brother snoring peacefully on the pullout couch. It was penny pinching and waking up too early with very little sleep, bleary eyed and annoyed with how much the world seemed to hate his fucking guts. It was a part time job at the nearest auto garage, with greasy hands and a sweaty back. But with all of those things, there was Cas.

                    Castiel Novak was beautiful in many ways, and a disaster in others. He was beautiful in the way he spoke, in the way his neck would slope as he leaned forward to read the highlighted text in his books. He was beautiful in the way he’d call Dean’s name out in the throes of passion, or when he’d slam his book shut and jump up, ready to go to the nearest bar to unwind. He was disastrous in the way that he loved Dean, in the way that Dean loved him. Because out of everything in the entire world that Dean knew, was that he didn’t deserve that kind of love. That he only got one chance at happiness, and when he got that chance, it would be doomed from the start.

          College was the time of Dean’s life when he was so far in the closet he was living in Narnia. When he was with Castiel, it didn’t matter, because they had each other ——— Or, that’s what he’d thought, anyway. He hadn’t taken Castiel’s feelings into account.

                    On the day that they broke up, was the day that Castiel finally told Dean that he felt like he was in the relationship alone, and that if Dean had truly loved him, he’d have told everyone about the true nature of their relationship. Castiel wanted Dean to stop relying on the ‘we’re just friends' excuse while out in the open, only to give hushed, loving whispers of 'you’re my whole world' behind closed doors.

          Dean couldn’t really blame him for leaving. He never did blame Castiel, he knew it was always entirely his own fault. But as he stood there on his new neighbor’s porch, Dean was quiet, processing, wondering how the hell, out of every fucking state, every town, every road, every empty house he could have chosen to live in, he had to choose the one that was right next door to his greatest love, and his greatest failure all in one.

                    He took a breath, then let it out.

          ”Hey, Cas,” he said, his voice strained, nervous. “I uh… I guess we’re neighbors now…” 

          As Castiel arrived on the campus of his new university, he had a simple plan in mind — attend his classes, study, and get a degree. He had originally intended to get it over with so he could move on to the next chapter of his life; and he had, in the beginning. Everything had been going according to plan until Dean Winchester came into his life. 

        Dean was everything that Castiel had ever imagined and more. He’d spent hours laying awake, scolding himself for longing after something he couldn’t have; then suddenly they were together. Everything was perfect — the way he’d hold him, or laugh at his terrible jokes, or kiss him before he went to sleep only to kiss him again in the morning when he woke up. It seemed, at the time, that Castiel had everything he could ever dream of. 

       However, that was before everything came crumbling at his feet. He had barely noticed at first, but Dean was…different than he was.There was no holding hands out in the open unless no one else could see them. There were no spontaneous kisses on the cheek, or sitting entangled in each other’s arms in the lounge. It wasn’t until he’d noticed other couples doing so that Castiel realized that perhaps Dean didn’t love him as much as he had originally thought. 

        There had been arguments, silent tears staining pillows in the stillness of nighttime, belongings being hastily thrown into boxes. Castiel had locked any memories of Dean Winchester deep within his mind, suppressing them into images that would appear only in his dreams; but now, as he stood there in his pajamas, one hand gripping the door frame with white knuckles while the other barely supported a scalding mug of coffee, all of said memories spilled out and washed over him in a sea of anxiety and longing. 

                   ”…Yes,” his words were small. Hesitant. “It appears we are.” 

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— "Nobody’s stopping you."

       He’ll fix his gaze on his shoes, though not before looking around him in what could only be embarrassment.

       ”…What exactly is — snuggling?

I stopped

                                            [   believing  ]

                   in miracles

                                          a long time ago


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okay but hear me out on this one: 

cas singing i am the walrus

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Title: Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf
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          “—— Is it alright if I ask a somewhat foolish question?” 

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i figured out how to get rid of the obnoxious little space between lines i aM SO EXCITED 

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            B l o o d. 
It was everywhere. It stained the walls,
     the floors; and it was all from a human source,
     no doubt. He was sure that he could
     make out bits of flesh and bones as well;
     it left the angel reeling, a horrible sense of 
     grief settling in his stomach. 

     He could sense another being in his surroundings;
     though it was a new sort of energy — not human, 
     nor angel or demon. All senses were alert, his 
     blade sliding comfortably into the palm of his hand. 

                   ”You may as well just come out.
                    ———— Hiding is useless.” 

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protegamxeum said: I think you're awesome /anon

tell me how you feel about me on anon

i think you’re awesomer, you lovely thing you 

ily so much okay


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do you ever have that one draft that you actually really, really, really want to do, but every day it gets older and older and harder and harder to reply to and you just cannot work up the energy to do it but you want to continue the thread SO FUCKING BAD BUT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE AND YOU WORRY THAT THE OTHER PERSON WILL THINK U DROPPED IT BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO DROP IT 

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Muse A and Muse B were once lovers, long ago. Through circumstance, they were torn apart and Muse B died. Now, Muse A is forced to walk alone on the Earth for eternity, remembering their lover as they once were, until one day, hundreds of years later, they see Muse B.

Muse B is different because of the times and has no recollection of it, because they are not the original, but a reincarnation of that person. They could look a little different, act a little different, but everything else is the same. Muse A knows that Muse B is their lover and will do anything to stay with them.

This is my idea with the help of fellow roleplayer faithfulhound based off The Mummy. You may use but please DO NOT take credit as your own.

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RP tagging game.

  1. Name of your muse.
  2. One picture you like of your muse’s fc. 

  3. Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone.  
    ) Castiel looked up to Gabriel greatly; he was devastated when he left heaven and even more so devastated when he heard of his death.
    b) Being considered a “fallen” angel, Cas is terrified that he’ll end up like Lucifer. 
  4. Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time.  Being with the Winchesters, watching the lifespan of stars, and helping people. 
  5. Four people that your muse loves.
    Dean, Sam, Gabriel, and God. 
  6. Three fond childhood memories. 
    Childhood? What childhood? 
  7. Two things your muse regrets. 
    Killing Samandriel. Betraying Sam and Dean. 
  8. One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change. 
    Pretty much everything that happened in season six. 
  9. Tag ten people to do the same thing.
    lxversarmory, protegamxeum, talkaboutwinchester, driverpicksthxmusic, riighteousman, baltiim, blamedhimself, fxmily, tinyhuntxr, swordofthursday

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       ”It wasn’t easy, but completely possible.”


        “Alright, let’s not wander into ’tmi’ territory…”

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